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What is included in a Manuscript Health Check?

A manuscript health check will provide you with a detailed analysis of the structure and flow of your manuscript and constructive feedback for improving your manuscript. The health check will highlight common grammatical errors as well as sections of the manuscript that are difficult to understand and need clarification. This will allow you to improve the readability of your manuscript before it is submitted to a peer-reviewed journal. Read our blog post to find out how this service is different to traditional editing and proofreading.

1. A critical analysis of your manuscript

We don't hold anything back. We ask the tough questions and the stupid questions that your colleagues or students are too embarrassed to ask. The goal is to identify any missing or inconsistent information in your manuscript. At the same time, we fix any obvious grammatical and spelling errors. The main goal at this step is to identify any reason why your paper might be rejected by a handling editor before it is sent to a peer reviewer.

2. Author clarification round

We insist on at least one round of author corrections and changes so that the authors have an opportunity to clarify their meaning and respond to our questions and comments. We can’t stress enough the importance of this step. If you do not take advantage of this you might as well not pay for any editing services.

3. Language check and polish

We will perform a final language check and polish to ensure that there are no errors and that your manuscript is ready for submission.

4. Plagiarism check before editing

We will perform a plagiarism check before we start working on your paper. You will receive a full interactive report with a plagiarism level and links to similar content online.

5. Live Collaborative Editing

We will create a Microsoft Teams channel for each project and use this for collaborative editing and all communication. You can also invite your co-authors for free and use the online version of MS Word for collaborative writing and editing. You will always be able to access the latest version of your paper, even if our editors are still working on it, and reply to comments in real time. If you prefer Latex, we will create a project on Authorea or Overleaf so that you can take advantage of the collaborative writing and editing features, templates, and journal submission features.

How long will it take?

Our standard turnaround is 7 days. This gives us enough time to thoroughly check your paper. If you are in a hurry we provide an express service with a guaranteed delivery in 3 days (AUD $50) or 1 day (AUD $100).

You can also save $50 if you can wait 4 weeks or if you pre-order this service at least 4 weeks in advance.

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