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Bored reading science? Let’s change how scientists write

As research scientists, we read a lot of scientific papers. But it may surprise you to learn that a lot of the time we – yes, we scientists – don’t understand what we’re reading, or we’re too bored to remember what we’ve just read. Peer-reviewed papers are the currency of science. They are the basis upon which knowledge is recorded and traded. They are our stamps of approval and they keep us employed. In short, research papers are our bread and butter.

Defending science: How the art of rhetoric can help

Science seems to be under attack in America, so much so that scientists and their supporters are marching in the streets. They are defending their work against what appears to be a new, more aggressive assault in the so-called “Republican war on science,” as the president threatens deep cuts to federal funding of scientific research. When they march for science, they will do well to consider insights from the field of study known as the “rhetoric of science.”

Listen up: a plan to help scientists get their research heard by decision-makers

Many scientists are keen to communicate research they believe can help inform the decisions people make, from public opinion to the policy of our governments. But the will of scientists to abandon intellectual “ivory towers” does not in itself ensure a more prominent role for science in any decision-making. Consider the appointment of a climate change sceptic and an anti-vaccination proponent to the new White House administration of US President Donald Trump.

How not to write about science

Amid the many calls for scientists to engage with the general public, there are some who feel that scientists ought to remain aloof and disconnected from the broader public. They believe academics shouldn’t even attempt to communicate their research to common folk. And many scientists oblige them, by writing in a turgid manner that is highly effective at keeping the public (and their peers) at bay.

Welcome to The Science Editorium

In this first blog post on The Science Editorium, I want to welcome you and briefly describe our publishing services and how they are different to traditional editing support services for authors. If you are reading this, you are probably looking for some type of editing support before you submit your manuscript to a peer-reviewed…

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